Omokoroa Boat Club, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Omokoroa Boat Club Sailing

The Club has operated a Junior learn to sail programme
during the summer from September to April since 1999.

All ages above 5 are accepted and for Club member's children there is no charge, the fee for non members is currently $30 per junior member.

The club owns 9 optimist dinghies, 6 sunbursts, 3 vikings and 3 rescue / coaching vessels so we can cater for adults as well!! We also have 2 rescue craft.

We sail on the main beach with an incoming tide and the main requirement is a life jacket that fits, a sun hat and swim gear.

The programme is posted on the Web site under Junior Sailing. We also encourage our young sailors to assist in boat maintenance during the winter months

Club Sailing.

The Club offers a wide range of sailing events to Yachts men and women currently during the summer months with harbour cruises and trips to Karewa and Motiti Islands (once the MV Rena issue has been resolved).

Courses are fully briefed and charts available and we emphasise the enjoyment of sailing in the harbour over and above flat out racing!!

However, there is keen competition between Trailer and Keel yachts with a range of trophies for the various classes and events.

Again the full programme and details of the rules are published on the web site under Senior Sailing. More Yachts are welcome!!

The current Sailing convenor is John Budden Ph 5481180 or e mail



DateBriefing TimeStart TimeHigh TideEvent
28 January 1200 1300 21.10 (2.0m)3 short races
4 February 0900 1000 1260 (2.1m) Short
6 February1100 120013.46 (2.0m) Dinghy Races
11 February 0930 1100 (Pane Pane) LW 11.44
HW 1750
25 February1000 1100 16.30 (1.8m) Long Harbour
4 March0900 1000 1055 (2.0m)Short Harbour
11 March1200 1300 16.21 (1.7m) 2 short races
25 March1000 1100 15.17 (1.8m)Long Harbour
1 April Daylight Savings Ends1000 1130 LW 14.50 (0.2m)
HW 21.10
Karewa III

Any other events in April weather dependent.

NB: Dinghy Day (6/2/2018) - Any sailing dinghy.
Life jackets for all - worn - Briefing 1100 Rigged by 1130 Start 1200. HW 13.46 (2m)


  1. All skippers to ensure that adequate safety equipment is carried on board for crew at all times including a working marine radio. (We use Ch 74)
  2. Harbour and navigation rules laid down by EBOP Harbour Master must be obeyed at all times.
  3. Radio watch to be kept on the Club Channel 74 when sailing outside the harbour. Report to Coast Guard on Channel 62 in harbour or 83 outside when recording your departure/arrival.
  4. For offshore events or other overnight activities yachts must comply with basic safety requirements (Cat 3) such as navigation lights, radio (working), motor, adequate fuel, life flares, dan buoys, charts etc.
  5. Once started if retiring prematurely from an event, it is your responsibility to advise the fleet of your intentions (Channel 74) by radio, and listen out on 74 during the event.
  6. Any breaches of basic common sense and/or seamanship will be dealt with by the Commodore as a breach of club rules.
  7. Sign on either at Briefing or by radio on Channel 74 when radio check called.
  8. Short harbour: Multi races - charts available at Briefing or on request.
  9. Starts ON CLUB LINE unless otherwise advised (Club line is Club flag pole to starboard channel mark off jetty).
  10. For Karewa/Motiti events power boats are encouraged to join us as an economy / fish caught handicap!
Sailing Convenor:   
John Budden
Phone: 548 1180


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